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                The National Alliance of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers (NABD), with the help of SGC Certified Public Accountants (SGC), annually prepares buy here, pay here (BHPH) financial benchmarks from a database of their clients nationwide. These financial benchmarks are a composite of the “best performing” operators and are not an average of their entire client base. Since 2006, the NABD benchmarks have also included operating information on sales, collections and recoveries, and inventory management, developed and supplied by NCM® Associates “Twenty Groups” and based upon a composite of all of their BHPH Group members. The attached NABD benchmarks also include portfolio performance metrics compiled electronically by Subprime Analytics, which to date has analyzed approximately $15 billion of BHPH installment contracts (nearly 1.7 million individual deals). These performance metrics identify loss rates, patterns, and trends. In the aggregate, these statistics provide a comprehensive look at the financial and operating performance of the BHPH industry for the last three years, as well as some important trend information.

                Lease here, pay here is growing in popularity in several states where sales tax deferral and state regulations favor this business model. Therefore, we have included lease here benchmark loss metrics for the first time. These loss metrics will be a reference for those considering the lease model, and for those already using it.

                At the 17th Annual National Conference for Buy Here, Pay Here in Las Vegas on May 19-21, 2015, Brent Carmichael of NCM and Ken Shilson, President and founder of NABD will discuss these benchmarks and trends to help operators understand the changing subprime auto finance market  ?  as well as what’s ahead in 2015 for the BHPH industry. The Conference theme is “The Very Best of Buy Here, Pay Here”, and it will focus on ways BHPH operators can grow market share and operate more profitably. NABD has arranged discounted room rates of $189 per night at the Wynn Las Vegas, with no resort fees, while supplies last. Room reservations and more Conference information are available online at


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