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2012-09-01 Welcome Message
Thank you for attending this NABD East Coast BHPH Conference. We understand that not everyone can attend our national conference in Las Vegas each May, so we believe this Atlanta venue is very beneficial for operators and sponsors in the eastern part of the United States. Your attendance here validates that decision.
Our special thanks to GIADA for co-sponsoring this event. Memberships in your local, state, and national dealer associations play an important role in providing operators with all the relevant information they need to be compliant and stay “on top of their game”. NABD was created to supplement your educational needs with specialized BHPH training. All of these resources are important. In the challenging automotive environment of today, education and networking have never been more valuable. The more you learn, the more you will earn.
New developments in the BHPH industry are happening at an unprecedented pace, with new operators entering the business in record numbers. The current profit opportunities have never been greater, given the low yielding economic environment of today. Therefore, our conference theme for this event is “The Changing World of BHPH Today”, and we hope to show you all the ways to prosper and to capitalize on the new profit opportunities.
In order to prosper, the following items are essential:
1.    Adequate capital
2.    A solid business model with systems and processes to implement it efficiently
3.    Technology that enhances efficiency and provides tools for success
4.    Getting compliant with all the existing state and federal rules and regulations
5.    Access to the right vehicles at competitive acquisition costs
6.    Prudent management who avoid trial and error mistakes
The last component is why you are here. That is, to educate yourself on all the new industry developments and to deepen your understanding of all the aforementioned items. During this conference we will focus in-depth on each of the items above. Ask questions and attend all the education sessions, network with other operators, and spend time learning how all our exhibitors can help you be more successful.
Our exhibit hall is again “sold out” and includes all the latest products and services. Without these sponsors, this show would not have been possible. Please visit all their booths, which are located in the GICC. Enjoy Sunday and Monday night football (compliments of Manheim), also located inside the exhibit hall.
On January 12-13, 2013 NABD will host its second Boot Camp in North Carolina. The first one was “sold out” and drew rave reviews. Visit booth 603 in the exhibit hall to learn more about the next one. On May 19-23, 2013 NABD will host a Dealer Academy and our 15th Annual National Conference at a new venue. That’s right, we are moving to the finest hotel in Las Vegas – The Wynn! Visit for more information about these conferences.
On behalf of NABD, thank you for attending. We hope you will use all that you learn here to have a more prosperous 2013. If you have unanswered questions after the show, email me at and I will get you an answer. Good luck!
Kenneth B. Shilson, CPA
NABD Founder and President
Copies of all the PowerPoint presentations during the conference will be available for downloading at after the show. An audio recording of the presentations will also be available for purchase online a few weeks after this event.
Please wear your name badges at all conference functions, and put your cell phones on ‘vibrate’ or turn them off.