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2013-04-02 NABD 2013 Workshop Highlights

NABD 2013 features more than 65 speakers and experts in a jam-packed venue designed to update attendees on all the most important industry developments during the last year. The 12 concurrent workshop sessions will contain valuable information, and are not infomercials. These sessions will be interactive where attendees can ask questions and get answers on topics of critical importance. Operators with multiple attendees are encouraged to divide forces so they don’t miss a thing.

Compliance Moves To Make Now / Q&A – A panel of leading attorneys including Tom Hudson and Patty Covington (HudsonCook, LP), Terry O’Loughlin (Reynolds & Reynolds), and Steve Levine (Autostar Counsel) will discuss the most important legal and regulatory issues facing the industry today. They will offer important tips and insights into getting compliant now and avoiding legal pitfalls. This session is a must-attend.

Using Credit Data For Compliance and Better Decisioning – Not running a customer credit bureau is one of the fatal industry pitfalls. Saving a few dollars initially can cost you million$ in the long run. In this session, you will learn about traditional and alternative credit data, which should be used to make better credit decisions. Learn how pre-screening can help you identify the best customers. Work smarter, not harder.

Capital – Contract Purchasers – A panel of contract purchasers explains what they look for in acquiring portfolios and what you can expect. The contract market has never been stronger and selling contracts can be an important source of liquidity. If you need capital, don’t overlook this option.

Payment Devices – What You Need to Know – Often the selection of a payment device is made primarily on cost. Although the product’s price is always part of any business decision, several other factors should be considered. A panel of industry experts will discuss all the things you should consider. GPS vs. disablers? Disclosure or non-disclosure? Best implementation practices vs. mistakes that don’t work. You will get all the answers during this interactive session.

Accounting / Tax Update – A panel of leading CPA’s will update you on all the latest accounting and tax changes, which impact the industry. Debt discharge reporting on Form 1099-C is a hot issue. IRS audit activity has increased. Learn what they are looking for. If you miss this session, you may pay for it later!

Getting and Retaining the Best Customers – A panel of industry experts discusses the best ways to increase your “ups” and mine the best customers. In this interactive session experts will discuss how the tax refund customer business has changed, building a web site for success, CRM tools, referral programs, advertising tips and strategies, and much more.

Getting More From Your DMS System – Don’t take your dealer management system (DMS) for granted. It is the cornerstone of your internal systems and processes. Today software must provide integrated business solutions to users. A panel of experts will discuss all the latest technology and how it can help make you more profitable. In this interactive session, you will learn about pay portals, recovery software, integrating with payment device technology and other technology tools.

Maximizing Recoveries & New Technology for Success – Industry bad debts are increasing so operators must mitigate losses with improved recoveries. In this session a panel of experts will discuss license plate recognition technology, finding skips in impound lots, using CPI to reduce losses, security camera technology and maximizing your yield on sales of repos. This session will help you reduce your losses and increase your profits.

Inventory Acquisition Tips & Techniques – Acquiring the best inventory at competitive costs continues to be a major challenge for the industry. A panel of experts discusses new technology, which can help operators source the vehicles they need more efficiently and cost effectively. Experts from Adessa, SmartAuction, Liquid Motors Vauto, and Manheim will answer your questions and share tips and strategies to help you be successful. You can’t sell them if you don’t have them. It all starts here!

Social Media Tips and Techniques – Manheim expert Chris Hood explains how to connect with your customers on the internet. The BHPH customer of today carries a smart phone and operators can build a stronger bond by utilizing social media. Learn how to create a more favorable image and communicate with customers and prospects effectively and efficiently.

Capital Lines of Credit / Floor Plans – Capital is the “gas” that makes the BHPH industry run. A panel of leading capital providers explains their funding programs. Learn how to qualify and what terms to expect. Need floor plan financing to acquire the inventory you need? This panel features the best in the business. Don’t miss this session if you need financing.

Help Customers Navigate the Digital Maze -  Howard Polirer of will help you use the internet more effectively. He explains what works and what doesn’t! What are your customers looking for and how can you best respond to their needs? Learn from one of the most respected resources in the industry.