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2013-04-09 NABD Welcomes Dealer Academy Attendees


Thank you for attending this NABD Dealer Training Academy. We recognize that you have made an investment of both time and money to attend. We plan to maximize the return on that investment during the next two days!
It requires more skill and knowledge to run a BHPH operation successfully than ever before! However, the profit opportunities in this industry are particularly attractive given the low yielding environment of today. Success in the BHPH industry, we believe, largely rests on a series of critical decisions that you must make when operating. NABD, with the input of several of the nation’s most successful operators and experts has assembled a proprietary critical decisions checklist which is included in Tab 2 of this workbook. 
Ingram Walters will discuss these critical decisions in our opening session at 4:00pm on Sunday afternoon. The remainder of the Academy is devoted to helping you find the best answers to these decisions.
During this Academy we will cover every operational and financial aspect of the business. We have assembled many of the most talented operators and experts who will share their tips, insights, and proven strategies that are working successfully today. Your questions and participation are encouraged as the knowledge and talent does not stop with our speakers. Many of the nation’s best operators and experts are participating in this training. We are all here to make each other more successful! The educational sessions are divided into dual tracks for both newer and experienced operators. Choose the sessions which are of most benefit to your operations, regardless of your experience level.
The agenda includes two receptions with our exhibitors on Sunday and Monday evenings and a luncheon in the exhibit hall on Monday afternoon. Don’t miss our networking coffees on Monday and Tuesday mornings. These sessions are designed to facilitate networking between attendees and sponsor/exhibitors. Without their support the Academy would not have been possible. Visit with all of them during this show and learn how their products and services can improve your business. All of them are here to help make you more successful.
We hope that you will also attend NABD 2013 which follows this Academy on Tuesday afternoon. The National Conference is designed to make you aware of all the latest industry developments. I believe that your attendance at both of these events will prepare you for the challenges which are ahead. You are welcome to attend the opening sessions of NABD 2013 beginning at 4:00pm on Tuesday afternoon, and a gala welcome reception on Tuesday evening at no charge in appreciation for your attendance here. The NABD 2013 exhibit hall is the largest in the history of the BHPH industry, so you will see all the latest products and services there.
Thanks for attending, but your BHPH learning should not stop here. Those who want to “see and learn” at the same time should attend the third NABD Boot Camp near Charlotte, NC on August 17 and 18. Space is limited to only 20 attendees, so you are encouraged to register as soon as possible. The training will be conducted by Ingram and me at his dealership – iCars. Both of our prior boot camps were “sold out” and attendees raved about the experience. Visit the NABD booth in the exhibit hall or talk with Ingram or me during the Academy.
Included in the conference materials is a disc containing modeling software to help you “fine tune” your business model and a sample chart of accounts to help organize your accounting and tax records. These will be discussed during the “Building a Successful Business Model” session on Monday morning at 8:30am. Copies of all the PowerPoint presentations given during the Academy can be downloaded from our website at An audio recording of the presentations given at the Academy will be available for purchase online at a few weeks after the event.
Kenneth B. Shilson, CPA
NABD President & Founder