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2013-09-23 NABD Announces the Details of its Upcoming New Orleans BHPH Conference November 3-5, 2013!

Houston, Texas – Today the National Alliance of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers (NABD) announced the details for its upcoming East Coast BHPH Conference to be held at the fabulous Hyatt Regency Superdome Hotel in New Orleans on November 3-5, 2013. The Hyatt Regency Superdome is the newest and most modern hotel in New Orleans, and was the host hotel for the 2013 NFL Super Bowl! NABD has arranged discounted room rates of $169.00 per night – while supplies last – which expire on October 4, 2013.

The Conference begins on Sunday, November 3 at 4:00 PM with concurrent workshops covering twelve topics of timely importance. These workshops feature industry experts, including leading attorneys Tom Hudson, Terry O’Loughlin, and David Bafumo. “These workshops will be highly interactive and will not be infomercials,” said Ken Shilson, Conference chairman. “For instance, we have added operators to several of the workshop panels to provide a user’s perspective on various products and services which increase efficiency and profitability. Successful operators today spend every dollar wisely,” Shilson said. Manheim will host two workshops, which will provide new insights into finding the right inventory at competitive prices. “These sessions are very timely!” Shilson indicated.

The twelve concurrent workshops end at noon on Monday when the general education sessions will begin. These general sessions feature new topics and speakers not previously included in our Las Vegas conference last May. “The New Orleans conference provides new information of vital importance to help operators be successful in 2014!” Shilson stated. Operators are encouraged to bring at least two attendees so they can participate in all the concurrent workshops.

The general education sessions on Monday afternoon will include new industry benchmark and trend information never before released. Shilson indicated the updated data will show attendees what is and isn’t working in 2013, and how to compete with some new industry challenges. Tom Webb, Manheim’s Chief Economist, will discuss The Used-Vehicle Marketplace and industry economics. Some of the nation’s most successful operators will provide tips and techniques on best operating practices and collections. A panel of experts will discuss new inventory sourcing technology. In addition, roundtables have been added covering inventory, capital, compliance, and technology where attendees can individually interact with speakers and experts. The program also features two compliance sessions covering a regulatory update on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and new legal issues.

On Tuesday morning, another outstanding BHPH operator will be inducted into the BHPH Hall of Fame. Two receptions and a luncheon will be held inside a “sold out” exhibit hall to facilitate networking. Highlights of the receptions are large-screen Sunday and Monday night football, a special cash giveaway, and some great food and drinks.

“The new venue, the exceptional facilities, timely information, and some great New Orleans cuisine make this conference a must-attend for everyone,” Shilson indicated. Updated information has been posted on the NABD web site at Early registration and room discounts expire on October 4, so everyone is encouraged to make their reservations immediately. Reservations can be made online or by calling 832-767-4759.

NABD is the only used car special interest group exclusively for the self-finance industry.

Membership is open to anyone in the BHPH industry and to service providers.

Members pay no dues.