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2014-02-06 ITURAN, a Leading GPS Provider, Works with Police to Make Stolen Vehicle Recovery a Breeze

Every year in the United States, more than a million vehicles are reported stolen. The positive news is that this number has been on the decline in recent years; the bad news is that, while the number of stolen cars and trucks has diminished, so has the rate of stolen vehicle recovery. Many motorists, auto dealers, and fleet vehicle owners simply resign themselves to the fact that, if a car or truck goes missing, there is often not very much that law enforcement can do to recover the vehicle, despite their best efforts.

With that said, there are plenty of ways for vehicle owners to ensure that, should their car or truck go missing, the chances of recovery are optimal. One of the best options is to engage a GPS tracking/asset recovery tool, such as the various services in the ITURAN lineup. ITURAN provides asset recovery options for dealers and everyday drivers—and the company’s services have proven more than able to boost the odds of recovery significantly.

A Thanksgiving Recovery Story

Here’s one tremendous story of ITURAN’s service line in action. Just before Thanksgiving of 2013, a customer called the police, noting that her Ford truck had gone missing. She reported the vehicle stolen, and was advised by ITURAN’s 24/7 response team to obtain a case number from the local police.

While the customer worked with the police, the ITURAN team was using the GPS tracking system—installed on the lost vehicle—to track down its exact whereabouts. From there, the customer—along with the police officer—was able to quickly make her way to the exact coordinates where the stolen car had been left, and safely recover it.

Christmas Shopping Gone Awry

There are more ITURAN success stories where that one came from. Consider this tale of Christmas shopping (almost) gone horribly wrong. A Florida man headed to the shopping mall just two days before Christmas, hoping to pick up a couple of last-minute gifts. When he returned to the parking lot, he was shocked to find his vehicle missing.

Thankfully, he had ITURAN’s GPS product installed on his vehicle. As such, all he had to do was call the ITURAN team and explain what had happened. The ITURAN team—again working alongside the local police—used GPS to trace the exact coordinates of the vehicle, locating it a few blocks from the mall parking lot. ITURAN stayed in constant contact with the vehicle owner and the attending police officer as they tracked down the car and recovered it.

What Makes ITURAN Successful

There are many things that make these ITURAN products & services effective—obviously beginning with the GPS technology, which makes it easy to trace the exact whereabouts of a vehicle, no matter where a thief has taken it. Also important is the fact that ITURAN products allow for the engine to be disabled remotely, making it impossible for a thief to take a car too far.

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about ITURAN, though, is that the company maintains close ties and positive working relationships with law enforcement officers all over the country. The ITURAN response team—available 24/7—doesn’t just track vehicles, it also expedites the recovery process by providing police officers with all the information they need to track down and reclaim the stolen vehicle. For instance, Ituran dealers can not only protect their car lot inventory and recover their vehicles in cases of theft, but may also provide the stolen vehicle recovery services as an additional benefit to their clientele.

In other words, lost vehicle recovery couldn’t be made any easier. Motor vehicle owners cannot fully prevent theft from happening, but, with ITURAN, they can make the reclamation of their cars as quick and as seamless as possible.

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