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2015-01-29 Heard on the Street from the Dallas Attendees

“NABD is the leading voice and authority in our industry . . . there is no close second. This show, and other NABD contributions, is an absolute must for dealers whose livelihood depends on the BHPH industry.”               

Al Gardiner, St. Mary’s Motors


“As always, NABD and Ken Shilson have their fingers on the pulse of the BHPH industry. As our industry continues to come under close scrutiny and tighter regulation, real time information on what the CFPB and other regulators are doing, planning on doing and honing in on, is more important than ever. The legal experts on the panel were top notch, not afraid to answer the hard questions and get us all on the right path to compliance. The technology experts have listened and are treated our business as the real player it is for even more credit challenged customers than ever. Putting all the information in a friendly, exciting format, at one place makes dealer education easier than ever. I tell everyone I know in the business that these conferences are a ‘must do’ – except our competition.”

           Joyce Caudill, Richwood Acceptance


“It is obvious that NABD has a great understanding of the needs of today’s dealers by dedicating a conference to the important topics surrounding operation and compliance. The quality of content offered, and their selection of highly qualified speakers makes attending this conference an easy decision for BHPH operators who want to improve their business. We’re proud to be a part of it and look forward to the next one.”         

  Mike Downey, Auto Master Systems


“Having attended virtually every one of your National Conferences over the years, I came expecting to gather a wealth of information and that is exactly what your show delivered ? and so much more that it’s simply amazing! Your conferences are, simply stated, a must for anyone that is serious about learning, improving and growing their BHPH business. In fact, I would say a lot of Credit Now Auto Company’s success over these many years is due in a large part to what we have learned at your shows, then brought home and put into practice.”           

Jack Bridges, Credit Now Auto Company and Atlantic Acceptance Corp.


“The NABD Conference in Dallas was loaded with vital information pertaining to compliance issues. Compliance is such a major factor in Buy Here Pay Here today and in our future. It is so very important that dealers attend events like this Conference. I would like to thank Ken and Ingram for a job well done.”

  Keith Hagler, Taylor Auto Credit