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2015-04-01 Heasley Forms Nationwide Dealer and Financial Services Agency!


Lumberton, North Carolina- Rod A. Heasley, a 37 year auto Industry veteran announced the formation of KISS Concepts Group, a master agency serving independent agents of the automotive and prime and sub-prime finance industry throughout the United States. Corporate headquarters are located in North Carolina with the operations office in Fort Worth, Texas. (12) Twelve affiliate offices have been established in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia. 

KISS (short for “Keep It Simple Successfully”) offers new and unique programs in the automotive, subprime and prime finance industries as well as auto sales training and dealership consulting services nationally, including BHPH.

“ KISS Concepts Group is the master agency nationally for new and exciting programs coming down the pike for the auto and finance industries, as well as  nationally recognized and established programs in need of a street level outside national sales force, Heasley said.” “To date 130 individual agents and agencies representing 31 states have joined the group.”

“ We have assembled some of the most respected and recognized independent agents and agencies in the country who have professional reputations already established and are well respected by their various clients and associations. We have executed contractual arrangements with national powerhouses in our industry and those announcements will be forthcoming in the immediate future via press releases.”

Kiss Concepts Group will operate under a corporate mantra of “Relationships Not Transactions”, with a focus on providing the type of products, programs, services and prices dealers and lenders have come to expect from national agencies group rather than individual agents.

The company will also feature “Green Pea University,” a program that will offer intense basic automotive sales training seminars for the automotive salesperson with less than one year in the business. Another program has been specifically designated for corporations with an outside sales force that are in need of a controlled selling day to day procedure to help their “foot soldiers”  obtain corporate sales goals.

“The concept of uniting these agents throughout the country under the one umbrella of KISS Concepts Group, combined with the companies and products that we provide, will instantly establish KISS Concepts Group as a nationally recognized “super” agency with the industries we serve,” said James Peacock, a 30 year veteran of the retail and BHPH automotive sales and mangement segments, who will serve as vice president and managing partner of operations. Peacock continues,“ The assembled agents and agencies are extremely excited about the concept of a national reaching group in combination with the direct benefits that are derived  in being an integral member of the KISS family, as well as the commitment to offering the latest cutting edge programs and services for all of our clients regardless of size.”

KISS Concepts Group can be contacted directly toll free at 844.857.0869 or via e-mail at as well as on the web at