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2015-04-20 Letter To Boss for NABD National Conference Approval

Re.: NABD National Conference for Buy Here Pay Here

To:  My Boss

From: Your Dedicated Employee


I’m writing to ask for approval to attend the annual Buy Here, Pay Here Conference on May 19-21, 2015 in Las Vegas. This conference will give me the opportunity to learn best practices from experts in BHPH collections, meet one-on-one with exhibitors, network with dealers from around the world, and hear about recent innovations in the industry. I will also have the opportunity to sit in on several educational courses that would normally cost hundreds of dollars individually. This NABD conference will be the most cost-effective way to maximize our training dollars.

I’d like to attend to find solutions or best practices that would directly impact the following departments of our operation:

·         Growing sales

·         Reconditioning

·         Collections

·         Compliance

·         Reducing Expenses

Here’s an approximate breakdown of the expected conference costs:

Airfare                                                $ XX

Transportation (round trip taxi from airport to hotel) $ 30

Hotel                                                  $ 378

Non-Conference Meals                                   $ 50

Registration fee (early bird discount)                 $ 495

Total                                                  $ XXX

The costs are nothing compared to what I will learn!

I also noticed if we sent three or more of our staff we would really save on registration.

Upon my return, I’ll submit a full post-conference report with major takeaways, tips, and recommendations on how we can further improve our operations. I will also make sure other coworkers benefit from my attendance by meeting with them and sharing relevant insights from the conference.

Thank you for considering this request. I want to contribute more to our success.