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2015-04-27 NABD Welcome Message

Thank you for attending our NABD 17th National Conference for Buy Here, Pay Here. We are pleased to be back at the Wynn and believe that the beautiful facilities and this year’s room rates make this venue exceptional.


 Our conference theme is “The Very Best of Buy Here, Pay Here.”  The workshops and the general education sessions which follow these workshops feature industry experts, attorneys, and our NABD Hall of Famers. These speakers have been chosen from “the best of the best” and we have over 70 speakers this year. We appreciate their participation and willingness to share their expertise with all of us! Several of the workshops and educational sessions are new this year as we strive to keep the program fresh. Please turn in your evaluation form during the conference so we can consider suggestions for future NABD events.


 Induction into the NABD Hall of Fame is done with careful consideration to each inductee’s success over many years. Their achievements have been measured over a lifetime of work, not just a single year. On Wednesday afternoon we will induct another industry leader into our Hall of Fame. His success and personal attributes distinguish him in our industry and he deserves this recognition. On Thursday morning he will join our other Hall of Famers on a “best practices panel” where they will share their strategies and tips for success. We appreciate their contributions to this industry and willingness to share their knowledge. Please join us for both sessions.


 Our exhibit hall is “sold out” and is the largest in BHPH history!  The two receptions, luncheon, coffee and breakfast are designed to facilitate networking. I encourage all attendees to visit every exhibit booth and to learn how their products and services can increase profits and cash flow. Without these sponsors, the conference would not be possible.


 If you would like to “see and learn” at the same time attend our upcoming BHPH Boot Camp near Charlotte, North Carolina on August 22-23, 2015. Ingram Walters and I jointly conduct this training and we are expecting another “sold out” event. For information or to register visit the NABD registration desk during the conference.


 NABD will hold an East Coast BHPH Conference at the Wyndham Orlando Resort on 11/3-11/5/15. This property has been newly renovated and offers shuttle service to/from Disney World and Universal Studios. The $149 room rates with no resort fees make it affordable to bring your entire family.


 To succeed in BHPH today you must be proactive and be aware of the escalating regulatory environment. This conference has been designed to help attendees do both. Good luck and thanks for participating.



Kenneth B. Shilson, CPA

NABD Founder and President


Copies of all the PowerPoint presentations during the conference will be available for downloading at during and after the show. 


Please wear your name badges at all conference functions, and put your cell phones on ‘vibrate’ or turn them off.