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2016-10-11 MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: About Tax Refund Services Tax Max:

On Wednesday, November 2 at 9:15 a.m at the NABD Conference in Orlando, Bill Neylan CEO/President of Tax Refund Services Tax Max, will make a major announcement about this upcoming tax season that will affect every BHPH dealership in the country.  During Mr. Neylan’s breakout session titled, “Increasing Your Tax Refund Business – Make Tax Season Great Again”, he will unveil news that will be a historic and dramatic change that affects taxpayers, BHPH dealers and the IRS.  All dealers are being urged to attend as this will greatly impact every BHPH dealer in the industry.  Don’t let this tax season be a financial disaster.  Attend the NABD and Mr. Neylan’s session to be the first to hear the news, in addition to all the answers and solutions about what to do for this tax season which is already under way.

Tax Max gives a dealership the ability to convert a customers W2 into cash.  The dealer can print the refund check right at the dealership and apply the refund towards a down payment for a vehicle.  Tax Max offers many programs where dealers can estimate a tax refund 365 days a year and move the car in anticipation of the future refund.  With Tax Max’s technology, the refund is diverted directly to them and not the tax payer. 866-642-4107.