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2018-07-12 CallPass Tech Releases LTE-M Production Devices To iGotcha GPS Users
CallPass Tech and Xirgo Technologies brings the first LTE-M GPS Device to BHPH and Vehicle Finance

Clearwater, FL, July 12th, 2018---CallPass Tech (CallPass) has released the first production ready LTE-M GPS Tracking device to the Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) and Vehicle Finance Industry. On Feb 14th, 2018
AT&T announced CallPass being the first Location Based Services provider to utilize use AT&T’s LTE-M
network which is built for the Internet of Things (IoT) to track or find financed vehicles.

CallPass has been utilizing Xirgo Technologies custom engineered GPS Devices since 2011. Both companies agreed in August of 2017 that designing, building, testing and releasing a CAT-M1 or LTE-M Device for release in 2018 was a priority. Now after rigorous device module and capabilities testing, network integrity testing, and backend application data ingestion and application display testing, CallPass is excited to release the LTE-M devices to its valued customers and all BHPH dealers are looking to utilize devices on the fastest most secure wireless network combined with state of the art GPS technology devices combined with the award winning iGotcha GPS application.

“We are extremely proud and excited to introduce these LTE-M devices to the marketplace. We were excited when AT&T released the presser making the announcement of our company being the first to market utilizing this network.” said Jason Ashton, President of the CallPass Companies, CallPass Tech and CallPass M2M Solutions. “Since the initial announcement we have been working closely with Xirgo and our customers all over the country running endless hours of testing to ensure the new devices are working flawlessly on the network. We wanted to take a little extra time to ensure this move improves
our customers experience, the results were unquestionably worth the wait. Our test base customers are pumped about the results!”

“The New LTE-M IGOTCHA GPS have been VERY responsive, fast and accurate! As a small-town dealer in the middle of nowhere these new devices ping in places you wouldn't believe!” says Brandon Sanchez of Sumter Cars & Trucks located in Bushnell, FL

LTE-M (Long Term Evolution for Machines) is a Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) technology deployed by AT&T across the U.S. to support the IoT device growth. LTE-M specifically refers to LTE CAT-M1 suitable for IoT has many advantages over traditional IoT connectivity. In addition to better coverage in hard-to- reach areas, users can expect a highly secure network. LTE-M also reduces module sizes and boosts battery life for IoT devices.

“We at Xirgo are very pleased that we could be an integral part of this innovation effort with CallPass Tech and CallPass M2M Solutions.” Said Shawn Aleman, CEO of Xirgo Technologies, LLC. “We recognized early that LTE Cat-M1 has the opportunity to accelerate the adoption and implementation of IOT in markets it was not previously practical in. We are proud to have developed several approved LTE-Cat M1 devices for CallPass and other partners. Xirgo is very committed to the IOT revolution we see emerging and Cat-M1 is a key part of it.”
CallPass Tech serves more than 4,800 finance companies and car dealers. The company supports more than 600,000 connected devices and growing. The benefits of GPS tracking in vehicle finance are clear. With LTE-M, the possibilities are endless.

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For more information about the AT&T LTE-M network, go to LTE-M Network Solutions.

About CallPass Tech, LLC

CallPass Tech, LLC is the industry leader in GPS Tracking Devices providing Location Based Services (LBS) with primary focus in the Vehicle Finance, Sub Prime Auto industries. CallPass Tech provides Hardware Solutions (GPS Devices) and the iGotcha GPS Platform, utilizing advanced technology, user friendly applications and robust reporting tools CallPass Tech supplies products and services essential for Risk Mitigation and Asset Recovery.

About Xirgo:

“Xirgo Technologies, LLC. is a leading provider of innovative, full-featured, application-specific wireless IoT communication devices. An expansive product line facilitates best-in-class solutions for numerous vertical market applications. With comprehensive in-house engineering capabilities in all key development disciplines, Xirgo consistently delivers compelling solutions to companies in search of ways to become more competitive, improve operational efficiencies and unlock new revenue streams.”