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2012-03-01 The NABD Buy Here, Pay Here Hall of Fame

Success in the buy here, pay here industry is best measured over many years and not over shorter intervals. It should be based upon a lifetime of work and not a single year.

It is now the time in our industry to recognize our leaders. The individuals who have contributed to the growth and emergence of buy here, pay here, have demonstrated successful entrepreneurship, possess high moral character, integrity, and who have made significant contributions to their communities deserve recognition.

Today, NABD will recognize two such leaders during our “Hall of Fame” induction ceremonies. Their entrepreneurial success and personal attributes distinguish them as leaders in our industry who deserve this special recognition. Their past contributions should be remembered and acknowledged. We deeply regret that one of these inductees could not be here and is inducted posthumously. His good works continue to live on in the industry he helped pioneer.

NABD will accept nominations from members for future inductions. Candidates will be evaluated for induction by a selection committee comprised, in part, of past inductees. Please complete the nomination form on the following page and submit it to the NABD staff during this conference so your candidate can be considered.

Now please join me in honoring our two inaugural inductees during these ceremonies and remember their outstanding work and accomplishments. Without these two men, the buy here, pay here industry would not have achieved automotive prominence.

“Success is not so much what we have; it is what we are.”