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2012-03-29 NABD 2012 BHPH Dealer Academy Highlights

Whether you are new to the buy here, pay here industry or are trying to take your existing operation to a higher level the 2012 NABD Dealer Academy is for you. Here are some of the program highlights:


BHPH 101 –In this session, Ingram Walters explains the secrets of success learned from more than 20 years in the BHPH business. Attendees will learn all the BHPH terminology from a glossary of industry terms which will be a valuable reference tool for the future.

Developing Your Business Model For Success –All attendees receive free projection modeling software which can be used to “tune up” your business model. Ken Shilson, CPA and Brent Carmichael, Executive NCM Moderator will discuss how to construct a successful model and the 2011 BHPH performance benchmarks. Fran Cavenaugh, one of the nation’s most successful operators, explains her own successful business model and how she developed it. You will learn what pitfalls to avoid and the BHPH formula for success.

Acquiring / Financing Your Inventory – Chris Hill, a leading trainer for the Manheim Wholesale Institute explains all the newest technology and tips to acquire the best inventory. Attendees will learn how to source vehicles nationwide at competitive costs. Don’t miss this session if you want to acquire the best inventory before your competitors do.

Systems / Metrics / Accounting / Tax Strategies –Ken Shilson and other leading BHPH CPA’s will reveal all the best tax reduction strategies and explain how to implement a related finance company. Ken Shilson explains why you must develop portfolio performance metrics to raise capital and to monitor portfolio collection performance.

Compliance Do’s / Don’ts –Leading attorneys Tom Hudson and Patty Covington explain how to avoid all the fatal legal and regulatory pitfalls. This session will be interactive so attendees can ask and get answers to all their questions. Each attendee will receive free compliance publications to guide them in their compliance efforts.

Hiring the Right People –Your employees are your most valuable asset. Jim Jackson, national consultant, tells you “what to look for” in hiring the right people. Attendees can ask questions and discuss structuring the best pay plans to attract and retain employees.

Payment Devices – What You Need to Know – NABD has conducted two national surveys on the use of these devices and authored two “white papers” which explain the results of both. In this session device experts from Spireon (formerly Procon) and PASSTIME discuss both studies, and what to expect by properly implementing devices in your own operations. Attendees will receive both “white papers” for reference.


Increasing Ups / Finding Good Customers –Tax Max explains how the tax refund business has changed and what you must do differently to get these important customers. Other experts discuss CRM’s, successful advertising practices, and purchasing leads. In this session attendees will learn the latest proven strategies that attract the best customers.

Inventory Sourcing 3.0 –Keith Whann, of Whanntech and Columbus Fair Auto Auction, discusses innovative ways to locate and acquire hard to find inventory. Keith reveals new tips and technology which will be a “game changer”.

Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) – Best Practices – Experts from Berkshire and American Risk Services explain how CPI can be an important new profit center and mitigate risk. Learn what to look for and how to properly document and implement a CPI program in your existing operations.

Keeping Your Customers Paying – In the competitive environment of today you must offer your customers multiple repayment options. In this session, a panel of experts explains pay portals, ACH, debit cards, subprime credit cards and how to start your own reinsurance company. Learn all the newest ways to keep your customers paying and your cash flow increasing.

BHPH Certification / Retaining Employees –In this session NABD and NIADA explain BHPH Master Dealer Certification Program eligibility. Jim Jackson will discuss ways to train and develop your employees to maximize their performance.

When Customers Don’t Pay – Attendees will learn how to start a recovery department from two of the nation’s most successful operators. In addition, one of the nation’s best skip tracers shares his secrets. Learn about the latest recovery software to organize and track your efforts and to reduce you losses.

Getting Compliant Now –Attorneys Tom Hudson, Patty Covington and Keith Whann explain how to get your operations compliant today. In addition, you will learn about possible new regulations which will be forthcoming from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and why you need to establish positive consumer relationships.


            On Wednesday morning, May 16, all attendees will participate in interactive panel discussions with several of the nation’s best underwriters and collectors. In these sessions attendees will learn tips and techniques that will make them more successful. Learn how to use customer credit data to make good underwriting decisions and how to develop a credit scoring system. In addition, experts will discuss how to organize a collection department and compensate collectors.

            In the capital panel session attendees will interact with all the newest alternative financing sources that can provide the capital they need. Attendees who are struggling to find BHPH lines of credit or floor plans to acquire inventory, should attend this session. Where do you go if your bank said, “no”?

Exhibitor Networking –The Dealer Academy has an exclusive exhibit hall where attendees can network with other operators and experts. All attendees can attend the opening sessions and exhibit hall of the Fourteenth Annual NABD 2011 BHPH National Conference on Wednesday evening, May 16, at no additional charge.

            For a small investment of time and money the NABD Dealer Training Academy can make you millions! The more you learn, the more you will earn. See you on May 14-16!


“Our Goal is Your Success!”